Terms to know when you are playing the slot machine game


When you will start playing the slot machine game in the first place you will be completely confused with all the terms that are used there. Ones you start playing the game you will be acquainted with the terms that are used here and all the phrases and buttons and the functionality that is related to them.

It is very illogical to consider the slot gaming to be simple where you will insert the coin and pulling the lever. The slot gaming is very interesting and it can definitely allow you to gain great wealth, but you need to know certain functionalities and definitely the terms that are used here.


  • 3-Reel: If you are opting for the traditional slot machine, then this is the one that you will get. This type of slot machine will consist of the reels of 3 count and each row will have three symbols. This type of machine will be mostly associated with the traditional fruit slot machines.



  • 5-Reel: This type of slot machines is very advanced and they will have five wheels. You will get the feature of videos slot along with for three rows consisting of symbols.



  • Bet: This phrase is used for referring to the total amount of cash that you will have to wager on every spin.



  • Bet Max: This term is used for referring the amount that one can bet as the maximum amount on the slot machine.



  • Bonus game: In most of the slot machines, you will get this special feature. When you will play this game you will stand a chance of winning other prizes and free games as well.



  • Coins: This is quite similar to the bet, but it is actual cash which the players can use for placing the bets.



  • Coin size: It indicates the coin size which every player will wager on every spin.



  • Multiplier: You can see this bonus feature on several games and when you will unlock this feature, then the amount that you will win will get multiplied it what the multiplier will suggest.



  • Payline: This payline will consist of the symbols which are needed in order to allow a player to get a win. This will get displayed on the pay table.


These are the few terms that one should get themselves acquainted with before they are starting the free slot games no download or registration.


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