Rummy Players Are Sure to Love This – Ace2Three’s Video Commercial



Rummy, one of the most played online games in the world has gained popularity over India in last decade. was the first online rummy website that was launched in India with a motive to provide an awesome rummy playing platform to its audience. It is now been associated with over 8 million players in the country and has its own mobile app too. Ace2Three has worked really hard to emerge out as a leader in the Indian rummy gaming industry. The repetitive marketing efforts have led more users to join this website and the old users stay connected with it. Now, it has brought a new video commercial that is as crispy as red chili.

The new TVC by Ace2Three depicts a scene from a jewelry shop where a family is shopping. The salesperson is busy showing the ladies earrings and necklaces. The man of the family is watching the jewels carefully and trying to make out some sequence. He picks up the jewel box and starts arranging them. The salesperson gets to know what the man is trying to do. As the man asks for diamond, the salesman snatches it from man’s daughter’s hand and helps the man in arranging a rummy card sequence. The man has the last laugh. The video appears to be really funny, but can be understood by a rummy freak.

Biggest Mistakes to Avoid While Playing Rummy Online

If you are a rummy player or have just started playing rummy, you can also relate the video really well. The game of rummy is pure skills, but a certain luck factor is involved when it comes to distribution of cards. If you wish to end up on a winning side then make sure to avoid these mistakes.

Aim for Straight Sequence

Once the 13 cards are dealt among the players on the rummy table, you should try forming a pure sequence straight away. Do no indulge in making a sequence that is too rare. Keep on looking the moves of other players as well.

Utilize the Joker Well

A joker can definitely improve your chances of winning the game. You can take advantage of the cut-joker or printed-joker by forming a non-pure sequence. But before this, do not forget to make a pure life sequence to validate the cards at the time of the show.

Do Not Retain the High-Value Cards

The high-value cards like A, K, Q, and J must not be retained. You should discard them at earliest. These cards will add the higher points unnecessarily at the time of show declared by the opponent. So, to maintain a minimum score, you must discard the higher value card first from your sequence.

Card’s not favorable – Quit the Game

The cards you get at the time of dealing are shuffled by a random number generator at Ace2Three and sometimes you might get the cards having least possibility of forming a set. You can choose to drop out from the game instead of waiting for the right cards to come. You can join another table after dropping from the table of which you have got the bad cards.

Play Rummy Games Responsibly

As a responsible rummy player, you should dedicate a fixed amount of time to gaming and stick to it. When you have already lost too many games then it is better to take a break and work out on your skills. The players can even control their spending on purchase of chips by setting a daily or monthly limit on the purchase. Moreover, the players under 18 years of age are not allowed to play rummy on Ace2Three.

Keep Close Eye on Competitors Cards

One of the biggest mistakes that most of the newbies make is that they ignore the competitor cards. You must look through the competitor’s cards that are being discarded by them. This will give you a good idea what sequence your competitor is trying to make and what cards you don’t have to drop.

Use the Middle-Value Cards Well

You can always form a sequence using middle-value cards. Moreover, the percentage of forming the sequence with middle-value cards is always high. The middle-value cards can easily form a sequence as compared to higher value cards.

The Bottom Line is one of the finest portals to play rummy games online. You can enjoy playing different rummy variants with over 8 million rummy enthusiasts. You can even download its Android or iOS app on your smartphones and enjoy playing rummy on mobile. You can get started with your rummy career at Ace2Three with 1700 free chips as a sign-up bonus. Sign up now and enjoy exclusive benefits at

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