Some Essential Tips to Follow to Win at Online Baccarat


Gambling offers tons of excitement to both high rollers and gamblers that gamble only enough money for fun. But many people think that when you gamble, you have to be wearing a tuxedo and have tons of money to enjoy. In reality, you don’t have to wear these fancy clothes and have millions on your bankroll. You can play even in your pajamas while chilling at home through the internet using your PC or smartphone. That’s because gambling is available online through online casino sites. And one of the most popular games to play is บาคาร่าออนไลน์.

Online Baccarat is one of the most popular table games you can also play at an online casino. It comes in many different variations, such as Punto Banco, Chemin de Fer, Mini Baccarat, European Baccarat, and Mini Baccarat. Of course, not all of these are available online, except for Punto Banco. The gameplay involves betting on the player, banker, or tie. The player’s goal is to reach a hand value of eight or nine to beat the dealer. So if you want to start playing this incredible game, learn some of the tips to win here.

Never Bet in the Tie

Online Baccarat, in general, has a very low house edge on two of its three bets, which are the Player, Banker, and the Tie. For example, the Banker bet comes with a low house edge of 1.06%. The Player bet comes with a 1.24% house edge. Finally, the Tie bet comes with 14.4%, which is why it’s called the rotten bet. So when you look at it, you lose about 1.06 units on every 100 units you wager on the Banker. And about 1.24 units lost on every 100 units you wager on the Player.

With a Tie bet, you lose a whopping 14.4 units on every 100 units you wager. In short, the Tie bet is a total waste of money that you shouldn’t even think about.

Try to Bet on the Banker Always

As you already know, the Banker bet has the lowest house edge. So it’s clear as to what kind of bet you should be making most of the time. That’s because they will win slightly 50% of the time, so you might as well place your bet with the Banker because it’s the best choice for first-timers.

Keep on Placing Your Bet with the Banker Until You Lose

If you win on the first round that you place your bet with the Banker, keep putting your bet with them until the Banker loses. You are looking at capitalizing on streaks, and the best bet for this is the Banker since they have a slightly 50% chance of winning most of the time. But you will need to take a breather if the streak has ended, meaning the Banker bet lost. It’s no indication that since you’re on a streak, it will keep on winning until the end.

Wait for One Round After the Banker Bet Loses

If you lose your bet with the Banker, you should wait for at least one round before placing another bet. And when you’re ready to place your bet again, make sure to choose the winner for that round (except for Tie). For example, the Tie bet won on that round. Then you should try to bet on that decision again. It depends on you, but that’s the strategy that most veteran Baccarat players follow.

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