The 7 biggest poker beginner mistakes you need to know


In motobolapoker, if in half an hour you do not find the duck on the table, it is because the duck is you. Today we are going to talk about 7 very common mistakes that are easy to notice in players who are starting out in poker.

Play many hands

Do you feel that crazy? At a full table, you will not profitably play more than 20% of the starting hands. So as beautiful as that 57s looks, you need to let it go. Impatience and lack of discipline to expect good cards is a common mistake for those just starting out.

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Play out of position

Whoever is playing in position wins the hand. This is a fact. The more initial your position is, the stronger your cards need to be to play. If you want to learn more about table positions, watch online videos on poker table positions.

Not knowing how to let go

When we find a player who never folds, always calls 3bet and commits himself to hands that have already called pre-flop, we call him calling station. The most experienced players will always know how to exploit this type of player.

Bluffing without foundation

Bluffing is very important in poker, but there are situations that can be bluffed and situations that are not. Bluffing too much or randomly will hurt your game a lot.  Start by playing only valuable hands and gradually add some bluff spots to your game.

Believe in draws a lot

Experienced players often use a flush draw to bluff and scare the opponent. Beginning players end up PAYING a lot of bets with expectations of completing a straight or a flush. When you bet, you have a chance to scare your opponent off the hand and if it doesn’t work, you can still complete your hand and win lots of chips. When you call, you just have the luck to beat your cards to win the hand.

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Not knowing how to bet

Do you know someone who makes bigger bets pre-flop when they have premium cards? So what about making small bets with other hands? Reading is too easy that way. Pre-flop bets need to be balanced and follow certain logic. The same problem happens when this citizen has AA in hand and is afraid of completing any straight or flush, makes a giant bet on the flop to scare the opponent.

Ignore opponent’s actions

Do you know when you hit that set on the flop and lose everything to a flush? Sometimes it is possible to escape situations like this just by paying attention to the opponents’ movement and not just by playing with our cards. We must not forget that poker is a game of people. So always keep an eye on your opponents’ moves, even when you’re not in the hand.

That’s it, guys. Remember these seven mistakes and never apply them. A good domino qq player may lose the game if he has no strategies and ends-up making mistakes, instead of having good cards.

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