The Gradual Change in Online Banking Now


At the end of 2016, it was memorable that the casino bill was established. Although it seems that there are not many people who worry about passing the bill, there are many negative information such as addiction and money trouble about casinos, but new employment such as dealers, increase in tax revenue, invitation of foreign tourists etc., There are various merits as well.

It is easy to image a casino as evil. However, in our life there are many goods with fewer returns than casinos. For example, Japan’s lottery, sports promotion lottery, some insurance / investment trusts, FX is not a good choice in terms of deduction rate. In this way, it is common that things with good ear per se are actually worse than casinos. From the best poker training sites this is important.

Although it is impossible to win a casino opponent in the long run, it is not without a winning game. It is not a gamble to be played by the waiter, but a skill game for interpersonal people like poker and mahjong.

People who are not familiar with gambling are big about business poker in poker and are asked “poker”, will not they have the image of just a card game? There are very many people who like poker in successful executives · celebrities abroad.

The popularity of poker is rising

When going abroad, Japanese are strong against numbers and many foreigners appreciate that they are suitable for poker because they cannot read their thoughts with poker face. Tramp President also cites Japanese as a hard partner for business. It is recognition that there is no smile and reaction is weak poker face. Even if there is bluff of poker culture, there is no flattering so it seems to be a bit trustworthy.

Common points between poker and business

People have entered the business world with poker as a starting point. Oil King HL Hunt got the first oil field in poker. Gamblers were adopted in the Turtles test famous as a trader training institution of trend follow.

Recently there are hedge funds and securities companies that check professional poker players to find outstanding talent. Former professional poker player says that people who have been successful for several years to make a living as a poker player will have a higher likelihood of becoming a superior trader than others.

Golf and triathlons are often mentioned as hobbies supported by rich people. There are many points common to life and business such as interesting to experience the microcosm of life, omnipotence feeling to build a game, perseverance not to be unreasonable development.

There are similar elements in poker, it is not even a dream to earn a lot of money if you have even more luck with a little more luck. Like business, poker hopefully satisfy all the money, honor, sense of accomplishment, we think that it is strongly popular among wealthy people.

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