The Straight Options for the Smart Blackjack Online


From the moment you are playing and the cards have arrived in your hand, it is important that you are watching how each player is looking at the cards, how they are reacting. Be aware if he is showing something with that, if he takes the cards and stays calm in the chair, as if he were not going to play the hand. For example, the big blind looked at the cards before his action and left the cards a little far, moved the chair away, it shows that he doesn’t want to play that hand and you can go up in his blind.

Avoid using a phone or cell phone

From the moment you are playing güvenilir blackjack siteleri and using a headset, you are failing to obtain information. You are listening to music and you are not paying attention to what people are talking about at the table, failing to listen to a player who claims to have folded a certain hand or who would make a particular play.

Be an expert observer at the poker table

You need to observe everything that is happening at the table, all the actions that are being done. Many players say that tells are underestimated, they really are for those who do not know how to interpret them, who do not know why it is happening. But for those who know how to interpret them it is of great use.

Pay attention to what people say

It is important that you understand what everyone is talking about at the poker table. If the player tells you what he does or why he folded in a hand. Some professionals like to chat and get information about their game and not give you information about their game without you realizing it, for example, Daniel Negreanu.

Don’t comment on how you play hands

From the moment you want to get information about the players, they also want to get information from you. And how do you do that? Simple, not commenting on how you would play hands. There are players who are “teachers” at the tables, saying how each player should play each hand and giving information about his game.

Always think about the value of the bet before it is made

It is important that you think about the action and then do that. For example, a player thinks about betting 13,500 chips and only then takes the chips. This means that you do not transmit any tell to other players.

Get to know the stacks of other players

This is a very relevant factor, you need to know how many blinds the other players have to play virtually every hand. In live tournaments, you can achieve by having about seven big blinds to make some players fold by giving what we call “all in disguise”, you raise from three big blinds and some players don’t pay attention to their stack and end up folding.

Seek to be feared

From the moment you ask the players how many chips they have, some of them think that you want to play for their entire stack and end up being inhibited. They will be more cautious about 3-betting, becoming more passive, etc.

Search for patterns

This tip is for both online and live poker. A player who always bets half the pot when he has value or bets the pot when he is bluffing, does so without realizing it. These are patterns that many players have and you have to make mental notes about it.

Don’t become a target

This is especially true for very aggressive players. From the moment that players start to 3-bet and 4-bet you more often because you are playing multiple hands, try to reduce the number of hands played a little so as not to become a target of the table and facilitate your gameplay.

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