Top 3 Platforms Used by Microgaming Casinos


MGC company uses 3 major platforms for their online slots. It’s been around since the first online slots were introduced to the Internet. Even now it’s one of the biggest online casinos that offers great games to the users from all across the planet. Let’s get to know more about the platforms used by Microgaming Casinos.

What is Viper?

One of the oldest and most traditional platforms is downloadable software. However, things change even for this platform and now the users can benefit from its newest integration, Viper. It has over 650 games and you can find out everything about it at

Other platforms used by MGC

In case downloading software doesn’t work for you, try its Macromedia Flash-based interface. The software runs from the Internet browser like Google Chrome or Opera and allows the user to play any game almost instantly. Now the high-quality games can be accessed within a couple of clicks. There is no more need to download anything and fill your storage data will them.

In addition, the company has developed a mobile platform so that you could enjoy online slots from the comfort of your smartphone. This platform has Flash- and HTML-based products. Microgaming Casinos offer probably the best software apps and game selection on the market.

Pick the most convenient platform for you or combine them to use depending on the situation.

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