US Gaming Regulations


Online gaming has been going strong for a number of years and as the world is reaching an age of digitization it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon.  The convenience of online gaming is unparallel, the ability to play your favorite casino games at the comfort of your own home is something that people look for. Some people who prefer the traditional way of gamble have to drive sometimes over 2 hours to get to the nearest casino and then 2 hours back. Online gaming is a far better option than driving for collectively 4 hours. Online gaming offers a quick and simple solution with regards to this problem.

People keep resorting back to online games because they suit peoples needs with regards to games and convenience. Online gaming sites have everything the player ever wants, just a click away. If you feel like playing slots, poker or blackjack these sites cater to those needs, besides casino games, most sites also offer the ability to bet on events and/or current affairs, for example, political elections, the World Cup and Champions league, Superbowl, Olympics and other events not as common.

Is Online betting legal in the US

If you are in America trying to access an online betting site more often than not your card might be getting declined or rejected, this is because online gambling is illegal in the United States, excluding around three states which allow it. Sports betting was also illegal up until a few years ago, in 1992 Congress passed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act or PASPA for short, and was done to keep people away from betting on sports, their reasoning was that in doing this they would be protecting the integrity of the sport. Before sports betting was allowed in the traditional sense where people go to bookmakers and place bets.

Americans cannot start up their own gambling site in the US because it will quickly be shut down and be given a hefty fine because it is considered as a federal offense.

What Can Americans Do?

What Americans can do is place their bets on an offshore site, away from US regulations, a lot of online gaming sites start up with the fundamental reason to target Americans and accommodate for their needs and their events. Sites like BitPokerStar are directed specifically for American Poker enthusiasts. This way Americans can play on sites not based in the US completely legal, so they do not need to worry about their money being taken away or the site randomly shutting down, because legitimate sites will be completely regulated.

Also what Americans should do is betting using a Crypto-Currency, this is because since Crypto works on a decentralized method of transactions, it would be very difficult to trace back to the user and also would be safer. Investing in crypto-currency, for this reason, would be a wise choice since Americans can keep their privacy about how and what they spend their money on.


Online gambling is made accessible through crypto-currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum since online betting is still illegal in the US this is the option for American players. There are plenty of offshore sites to choose from and doing some research before signing up to a site would be the smarter way of going around things simply because different sites cater to different needs. If you tend to play more poker than other games you should search a poker specific site if you prefer to have everything on one site and see what you prefer you might opt for a different site. A bit of research will go a long way to build a healthy relationship with the community playing.

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