What Are The Available Online Casino Promos & Promotions?


In the competitive online casino market, it is common to offer new sign-up or deposit bonuses to entice beginners to try their luck in these platforms. Read on to know more about the casino bonuses explained – the different types offered and their mechanics.

Welcome bonus for new players

Online casinos use the welcome bonus to attract new players. They give this incentive in the form of free spins for slot games or as a cash incentive in live games. However, with the increase in online real money games and the rise in popularity among players, online casinos have to think of more ways to get more customers and retain their existing client base.

First Deposit Bonus

This type of bonus offers to match 100% a player’s initial deposit. Thus, if a new player deposits $100 to the site, the casino will deposit the same amount in his name, giving the player a total balance of $200 as a new sign-up. Usually you can only play xoslot titles with this bonus but if the bonus also allows table games you should be aware that only around 10% of your bets will contribute to the wagering requirements. As such xoslot titles will get your through your bonus wagering requirement much faster.

Online casinos have come up with a variation of this bonus by offering to match the player’s second or even third deposit but at a decreasing rate.

No-deposit bonus

In offering this incentive, online casinos don’t require players to make a first deposit from their own money. Instead, the casinos provide the money for the player’s stake. For this type of bonus, casinos set more conditions as compared with the first deposit bonus.

Bonus for each game genre

Online casinos invest time and effort to draw up a bonus package for each game genre: extra spins for a video slot player, real money incentive to a roulette player, another attractive reward to a bingo player.

Video slots at the forefront

Video slots lead the way in online casino platforms. The casino offers a bonus which is a combination of extra spins and a first deposit bonus to slots players. However, the player can only avail of this incentive by using first his own money until he reaches a specific value.

Bonuses for Roulette players

As new technologies are developed, online casinos are enjoying immense popularity. An example is roulette which features live tables with live dealers. Casinos offer a mix of roulette and video slot bonuses which become popular in introducing video slot players to live casino games.

As online casinos feature online tables with live players and dealers, blackjack, like roulette, experienced a resurgence in popularity. Casinos offer similar bonuses to blackjack and roulette players.

Happy gaming casino aficionados!

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