Why online sports betting are a matter of serious knowledge?


The answer seems obvious, but this path is not always followed. Many gamblers prefer to rely only on their instincts when deciding their guesses. The vast majority end up with the empty account because they risk their money in events in which they have little knowledge. No one can make money in the long run if he does not know what he’s doing.

Final decision of the bettor

This is not to say that you should blindly follow all the tips. After all, it’s your money that’s at stake. Therefore, the final decision is always the bettor, since if there is damage it is your pocket that will be hit. However, searching for information, reading reviews, choosing bookie pay per head  and scouring statistics always increases the likelihood of success. Quality often hits quantity. Instead of going out and betting randomly on any event, it’s best to select more appropriate options, where you can give a reasoned guess that in the long run will certainly bring more solid results .

Escape the champions of ‘greens’

When searching for groups of punters in blogs or social media pages, it is not difficult to find those who can be called ‘greens champions’, that is, they have unrealistic success rates in bets. Just do not believe anyone who says they have 90%, 99% or even 100% correct betting prognoses. It simply does not exist. If they really had this crystal ball capable of providing such a high success rate, they would not be offering their services, but beating up with their guesses.

In soccer, a modality that due to the rules and the ever greater balance between teams is probably the most difficult sport to predict, for example, a hit rate of 65% can be considered very good in the tips for betting. Obviously the percentage may be higher or lower at a given stage. However, those who say they regularly present numbers that are much higher than that should be looked at with suspicion. Think twice, three times before paying for this type of service.

Run of safe bets or successful games

This is another fever in social media. It is the pages that generally use the English terms “match fixed”. They want to sell game information in which the result is supposedly combined. They give absolute certainty of victory and present very high prices. You only have to pay for the tip first. Now, seriously, how could this work?Of your own free will you will be giving money to someone who already takes on dishonesty. After all, to be aware of a combined result you must participate in a mafia of results.

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