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Welcome to the fascinating world of online slots entertainment. These games vary from the simple and inexpensive, to the more advanced titles that may cost more to play, but undoubtedly have far greater rewards for the daring gamer.

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Let us now look at one of the most popular games around today, and what makes it such a winner with a massive amount of players. Standing out from the countless online slot games takes a level of quality that surpasses the ordinary, so you can really tell what kind of advanced software and generous winning probabilities you are working with.

Sinbad – A Game for the Adventurous Online Player

This is a game that takes a bit of daring and a sense of wonder to do well in. It is free to play, and has no downloads required. Sinbad is for the player who would love nothing more than to embark on a thrilling adventure on the high seas.

Sinbad comes from the leading service provider Quickspin, which paid special attention to the development process when its key software developers and game designers began creating Sinbad.

How the Game has been Designed

Sinbad possesses 5 reels in total, with a maximum of forty paylines to be activated according to the player’s strategies. The game’s overall aesthetics and visual design have been modeled around the legendary pirate, Sinbad, and the exotic and exhilarating world of oceanic adventure and the constant supply of treasure such a life brings.

Much of the actual gameplay takes place in an Arabian city, where wonder and interesting characters lurk around each turn and down every street. When you play Sinbad, you can expect to be introduced to a myriad of coloful characters, who will assist you with your winning efforts greatly. Such an aesthetic reminds one greatly of something like Disney’s Aladdin animated film of the 90s.

The Basics of Sinbad

Playing this game is relatively simple, its overall mechanics being modeled around a very accessible progressive system. Like any good online slot game, however, you will want to keep your eyes peeled in search for the winning symbols.

By stringing such bonus icons along the paylines, you will be ensuring your place in both the bonus rounds, as well as raking in plenty of winnings along the way.

The various winning symbols in this game come in various shapes and forms, from a variety of precious stones and jewels (the diamonds being the most lucrative of them all), to the host of vibrant characters mentioned earlier, such as the jolly sultan, as well as a mysterious and beautiful veiled woman. There is also a motley crue of friendly pyrates only too happy to share their bounties with you!

The Bonus Rounds, and how to Access them

‘The Crossed Swords’ are the wild symbols in Sinbad, and collecting between three and five of these symbols on a single payline will not only earn you a handsome sum of cash, you will also be entered into the wonderous ‘The Crossed Swords’ bonus round.

In The Crossed Swords bonus round, you will now be provided with three free spins, which you will be able to make the most out of by choosing one out of the three. We reccommend that you take the ‘Roc Free Spin’, which is easily the most profitable out of the three, seeing as it will shower the player with the diamond icons.

An Emphasis on Winning

Sinbad is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding and thrilling games available in the already wonderful world of online slot games. There are just countless testimonies and review written by both elated gamers that have just won a massive sum of money playing the game, as well as professionals and experts in the online slot game who have objectively provided much praise and reccommendations for the title.

You can easily take your time getting to know Sinbad, because you will soon find that you are in it for the long run.

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