Different Types of Rummy Games Played Worldwide


Participating in card games have always been a popular means of entertainment all over the world. Rummy occupies a special mention in the world of playing cards in various cultures. What’s more interesting is that people from across the world have modified the game, which has led to the evolution of rummy variations.

To be precise, rummy is a unique card game with a distinctive charm associated with it. And with the rapid advent of online platforms, playing rummy online has become more popular than ever. Just like there are clans and sub-clans among human beings, rummy has undergone rapid evolution in various parts of the world.

Well, the names of these variations may be different, but the objectives of the participants remain the same. Check this app to know more about the different prospects of playing rummy. Here is the list of various types of rummy games played worldwide.

13 Cards Rummy

To be frank, the 13 cards rummy is quite popular across the world. This game is usually played with 13 cards using a single joker. Note that in 13 cards rummy, the joker gets selected randomly.

What’s more, the game is played with a single deck of cards where the printed joker is not part of the game. In this game, the players have to put their cards into valid sequences. Note that you can only use the joker as the substitute for any card.

Each card carries a specific amount of points. For instance, aces and face cards usually have 10 points each. On the other hand, the number of cards and joker cards carry zero points. The main objective of the game is to combine the card and reduce the points to zero.

The player who achieves this objective first becomes the winner. Quite impressively, the 13 cards rummy game has three more variations. They are the points rummy, pool rummy, and deals rummy.


Canasta in Spanish stands for the basket. Based on the number of players, Canasta has several variations. But usually, this game is played by four players in dual partnerships with four jokers and two decks of cards. Always remember that in Canasta, all the jokers and the twos are wild cards. To win, the players have to form melds with the seven cards of the same rank. Impressively, it is one of the few games in rummy which has the status of a classic.

Kalooki Rummy

Well, Kalooki Rummy is quite famous in Britain both in parties and clubs. In this rummy game variant, two decks are used along with two jokers. Note that you can select one joker randomly, whereas the other one is printed.

So in Kalooki Rummy, there would be 106 cards in total. The maximum and minimum numbers of players who can participate are five and two. Note that the players receive thirteen cards each. To win, a player has to make the four sets of the right combination to win the game. Check this app to know more about the top strategies to play Kalooki Rummy.

21 Cards Rummy

Well, the 21 cards rummy is also referred to as Indian Marriage in the Indian subcontinent. In case you don’t know, it is a popular game for people during Diwali. The 21 cards rummy has a remarkable resemblance to the 13 cards rummy. It uses three decks of cards along with the printed jokers.

What’s more, each player should deal with 21 cards, and it is compulsory for them to form at least three pure runs. This game also comprises the marriage hand, and possessing a marriage hand can award the player with 100 points. It is worth noting here that the 21 card rummy game requires more skills and concentration when compared to the other rummy variants.

Oklahoma Rummy

It is a popular variant of the Gin rummy in which a maximum of four players can play. The minimum requirement of participation is two players. Usually, a fifty-two card deck is used to play this rummy. Moreover, only one randomly selected joker is permissible to be used by the players. Check this app to know more about Oklahoma Rummy and its winning strategies.

So there are some of the popular rummy variants you can play nowadays. But note that before playing any rummy variant, you should be knowledgeable about the rules of the game.

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