Many Online Casinos Are Only In Business to Scam Your Money


Just as enticing as laying a quarter down on table of blackjackor the slots, online casino operators get sticky fingers when they see bets flowing in and no one around to bust ’em if they agree to close up shop overnight and pocket a bundle. And they don’t even have to skip out to the Caribbean – they’re already there!

Rogue casino

It’s our mission to put the finger on the rogue casino online. Our situation isn’t that there are no honest casinos online– it’s only that playing online are perilous, and you must be alert of those risks. You can evade them by playing only at online casinos that have been vetted by pros as well as players like you.

5 Online casino warning flags

There are 5 warning flags beneath that will aid you to evade online casino scams, but nothing is as sure to be deterrence like abstinence. If you want to be 100 percent sure that your money is secure you should avoid betting online any. Uncertainty is the only certain thing online.


There are new and untested online casinos struggling with a lack of capital and/or business/bookie knowledge. Trust only casinos that have been in business for several years, and only trust new casinos that are associated with older reputable casinos or have been opened with management that is experienced.


Casinos online need to be licensed and regulated by an online gambling-friendly nation. Rule-following and licensing may not promise total lawfulness, but a license still promises that the casinos stands by the laws and follows financial proceduresin place to keep players safe.

Account funding

Get this – some accounts say, “We only accept western union”. This is not any casino where you want to send your money to. It is just going down the drain.

Bonus offers

Any online casinos offering bonuses that look a little too good to really be true won’t be around long enough to pay out the winnings.

Often the real sign of impending doom is any delay in payout. While the processingof payment has become more complex since the passage of UIGEA in 2006, a casino that values its customers will have numerous payout processors justwaiting in the wings. Any payout not immediately accessible (once bonus requirements have been satisfied) and able to be withdrawn (and delivered within a week or less) is not where you want to play.

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