Online gambling options in the UAE and adjacent regions


Gambling has served humans as a source of entertainment and winning cash quickly since ages. However, owing to cultural and religious reasons gambling is not deemed legal and permissible in certain countries. The UAE and Arab countries do not allow gambling in their territories. However, that does not really mean residents of those countries cannot avail the enjoyment of online gambling. There are ways to enjoy the thrill of online casino gaming for people living in those countries, as it is.

Online gambling options in Arab nations

Despite the existence of the UAE Penal Code which specifies legal repercussions of gambling for the residents, there are a few workarounds for gambling lovers. The cruise ships those depart Dubai offer online casino gambling as they cross the territorial waters limit of 12 km. Besides, the residents of UAE can access online casino slots from their region.Image result for Online gambling options in the UAE and adjacent regions

Ways to bypass web and other hurdles

It is true that the governments in Arab countries impose web restrictions for the residents to thwart casino gaming online. However, the residents can now bypass those online hurdles by using suitable apps. With a little effort and online search, VPN software for UAE can be found. These apps can be utilized to override web access related limitations. Thereafter, it becomes easier to play online casino slots offered by UK and US based operators. These online casino operators abide by the laws and norms set by governments of their respective countries.

For playing online casino slots in operators based in the UK and other European nations, making payment would be required. However, difference in currency is not a hurdle for gambling lovers in the UAE as well! There are online payment systems and gateways that make the process of currency conversion a cakewalk for them.

Reasons for growth of online casinos in the UAE

It is not without solid reasons the residents of UAE and Arab countries are indulging in online casino gaming, the legal hurdles notwithstanding. The main reasons for growth of online casino slots in these countries are:

  • The prospects to win huge prizes are there for online casino slot players. However, this is not the sole reason behind their popularity in the Arabian countries. The excitement factor also counts. The amazing graphics and enchanting sound tracks used in these online gambling slots entice the players and hold their attention for long. The game play experience transcends both religious and geographical boundaries.
  • The growth of internet and related technologies has been significant in the UAE and other Arab countries in recent years. High speed internet is easily accessible in majority of these nations. This has also led to development of casino player communities.
  • The variety of themes in the online casino games also attract players hailing from the UAE. The slots are based on subjects they can relate to.

Summing it up

Playing online casino slots from Arabian countries has become easier than ever before, thanks to technological growth. However, players can benefit further from accessing online casino slot resources.

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