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In the study, 150 people were selected and divided into two groups, one made up of pure amateur players and the other with experienced players. Then six contestants were seated at each table, three of them good at poker and the other three not so good. Finally, they were not given letters completely at random , but two (one good and one bad) received better than average cards, two others got average cards and the other two had to deal with worse than average cards.

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As in all the tables the situs judi qq online bets were the same, in the end the gains that were obtained by the not so good players were added and, apart from that, the ones that the expert players won were added. As the result was almost the same in both cases, it was concluded that the “pro” players did not outperform the average.

Another result arrived at after analyzing the winnings of those who received good, not-so-good and bad cards, was that YES skills are important in reducing losses. Those expert players who received bad cards did not win, but took advantage of their experience in the game to lose less money, while the inexperienced let go a little more.

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Since you read all of this, you may still be wondering, “So poker is a game of chance or skill?” Well, right now we will tell you that it is by chance, but we recommend that you do not trust yourself and do not try to face expert players to see if you can beat them, especially if there is a lot of money at stake.

  • Practice and become an expert in poker, playing and having fun in the Casino. Remember that if you are not ready to bet your money, you can take advantage of all the demos that we have available for you.
  • The live poker or live poker and live is one of the most modalities innovative and realistic in the casino world. Thanks to it, we can play live Holdem Poker games as if we were sitting at a casino table. Without a doubt it is a complete and unique experience, totally different from playing online poker in a conventional way. In this article we are going to explain what are the main differences that exist between live poker and normal online. In addition, we will talk a little about how live poker tournaments work and how games play out.

Playing live Holdem Poker games is one of the most realistic experiences we can find today. Live poker is something totally different from what you have seen so far. The feelings that we experience in a live online casino are very similar to those that we feel when we sit at a poker table in a casino.

The transition for players is simple, as live poker has the same basic rules as online or physical games. However, we can see some differences in the game mode and during poker games. Let’s see what are the main ones regarding playing poker online.


In live poker we play with a real dealer that we see through a live video. This will be in charge of dealing real cards to the players. This is the big difference from online poker where software takes care of everything.

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