How to win at Golf Bets


Like golf? Want to play it online? Want to earn money by playing golf online? If so, you’re now on the right page! Let’s discuss about the golf bets! The possibilities offered for some players to win golf bets are usually big enough, or it may seem like that, but keep in mind that most of the tournaments are 156 players at the start of the tests, so it’s very big the probability of choosing the real winner.

So how can you increase the chance of choosing the winner in your favor?

You can start by eliminating any individual on the odds of 150/1. During the season there will be a series of contests won by the players at great price, but it happens rarely and is never worth any player’s discount in 150/1.

This should leave with only a third of the remaining players to consider, usually around 40+ level. Next, you should try to start investigating the form of the remaining players. Some popular golf sites have a large number of players and their statistics of the competition are available and are an essential resource for anyone who wants to have a bet on a race course.

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If a player is out of shape and has not passed the cut in his last two or three races it is useful to keep out of it until he returns to his normal form before making any money on him. That would probably decrease the size of the field of the other 5 or 6 players. Next, you should look for players with good previous form in the course or a course that is very identical in its design. Similarly, any golfer who has already done well in the competition in recent years should be considered.

Players who are currently in good shape should be included in the calculations of the possible samples, and should be on their short list. Finally, look for a variety of player with any reasonable form, play well on the field and win a tournament earlier this year. This should greatly reduce the field of potential players to consider.

It is important to keep in mind that many betting houses offer pay-outs in the first four or five players positioned. Thus each way bets can be beneficial, especially if the final selection is excellent and at a good price. Once you choose the player (s) or you think they have a reasonable chance to win or be placed, at that time you need to find the best available odds provided by online betting houses.

There is a lot of matching odds comparison sites that you can use and you can see at a glance the betting house that offers the best prices for your selection. What you need to keep is your patience in waiting for the best opportunity. Remember that your success does not depend on how much you play but on how smart you place your bet. You can get more info for playing golf bets by visiting

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