6 Important Things to Consider When Betting on a Cricket Team


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Gone are the days when cricket was seen as a sport played among only a few countries. The onset of T20 cricket has started to popularise the game globally and capitalising on this popularity, the sport now features on the best online sportsbook to bet. Cricket has a few dynamics to consider before choosing which team will win that day, and to the betting lovers advantage, we are listing the 6 Important Things to Consider When Betting on a Cricket Team.

  1. The Format

The format of the game being played is significant in deciding a team’s win. It is often seen in cricket that a team doing well in T-20s might not do the same in Tests, the Windies for example. When you choose your favourite team to place your bet on, do keep in mind as to which format the team is playing and its recent record in that format.

  1. Current Form of the Players

You might love a player personally, but do not let it be the deciding factor in the betting. Consider the current form of the player.  Even a legend player might come off the poor form in a game, but the old records will never be as significant as the recent performance of the players. If the game on which you are betting is being played after a long off-season, then look for the recent club or domestic competition performances of the players.

  1. Playing Conditions

You must take note of the playing conditions, and whether they are suiting your team or not. The weather, wind, forecast, and the pitch type play a crucial role in the game. You can easily find various sports websites which provide comprehensive analysis of where the game is being played and the conditions. You can take a hint from such websites and research before placing your bet.

  1. Team Combination

If it is not for an unexpectedly brilliant performance from a single individual, most number of times, it will always be a more balanced side that will win the game. When placing a bet on the team, check if the team is balanced and has the right combination. For instance, if the team is chasing a target it is favourable if it is playing an extra batsman down the line. You must consider things like these before choosing a team to bet on.

  1. The Tournament

A team might do well in the bilateral series, but it does not ensure a good performance in the tournament. Some teams tend to choke in the crucial matches and, you must not place your bet on such sides. Analyse the track record of the team in the tournament before making any bet on it.

  1. The Toss

However, exciting the game might be, the toss still plays a vital role in the winning or losing of a side. The team winning the toss often gets to decide whether to bat or bowl first and it can become crucial in conditions like in the Asia. If you have the chance to bet after the toss, then you must consider the team winning it as it gets to play in better conditions, especially in a rain affected game.

So, these are the 6 Important Things to Consider When Betting on a Cricket Team. Do keep an eye on the latest trends and performances in the game to make your best bet on the match day. Stay connected to us for more betting tips.


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